If you are planning to use Google Classroom with your students this school year you may want to know which is useful to you while using google classroom.

Here are some important points a teacher should remember while using Google Classroom.

  1. Invite Students to join a class
    • Sign-in to Classroom
    • Select the class you want to add students to.
    • Click students at the top
    • Click invite students or let students add themselves using a generated code you share with them.
  2. Manage Multiple Classes: Google Classroom allows you to
    • Re-use existing announcements, assignments and questions from another class.
    • You can share posts across multiple classes
    • You can Archive classes for future reference.
  3. Invite co-teachers to a class: To invite co-teachers to a class
    • Sign-in to classroom
    • Select the class you want to add teachers to.
    • Click ‘About’ at the top of the class stream.
    • Click Invite Teacher.
  4. Create or modify an assignment
    • Sign-in to classroom
    • Click the class
    • At the bottom, click Add and click create assignment.
    • Enter the title and any instructions.
    • You can then add files, YouTube videos or links to your assignment.
  5. Create an announcement
    • Sign-in to classroom.
    • Click the class
    • Click Add and Click Create Announcement.
    • Enter your announcement, you can then add links, files or YouTube videos to your announcement.
  6. Quick exit tickets and polling: You can post short or multiple questions and track who have responded in the class stream.
    • Sign-in to classroom
    • Click the class
    • At the bottom, click Add and then Create Question.
    • Enter the title and any instructions.
  7. Create a class resource page: On a class resource you can add materials and instructions for the entire class.
    • Sign-in and select the class.
    • At the top of the page, click About and enter the title and description.
    • To add additional resources, click Add materials and enter a title.
  8. Grade and Return an Assignment: Google Classroom makes grading easy and quick.
    • You can sort students by their first name or last name.
    • See who has submitted the work.
    • You can add private comments when returning the work.
  9. Set class Permissions: You can control who can share messages and comments in class stream by changing permission settings.
    • Sign-in to classroom.
    • Click the class you want to set permissions for.
    • Click Students
    • From the post and comment list, choose a permission level there.
  10. Transfer grade to Google Sheets or a CSV file: To export students grades to Google Sheets.
    • Sign-in to classroom.
    • Click the class and then click the assignment in the class stream.
    • Click on sprocket icon and select ‘Copy all grades to Google Sheets’.
    • To export grades to a CSV file, select Download these grades as CSV.


Credit: Source from “https://support.google.com/edu/classroom/?hl=en#topic=6020277”


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