Many research scholars who are doing their PhD in any subject might be very confused when the time to show their work comes. Most of us don't know how to efficiently present the Thesis. Don't worry friends, I , Myself is a PhD holder and had gone through this process and also I attended many vivas in our department. Today I am going to discuss with you all some tips which are very useful to all of you when you are going to present your PhD Thesis in front of the panel. The important things which we are going to discuss is divided into several points. 

  1. The first important point is the title of your thesis. You should write the title in Sentence case i.e. the first character of each important word in your title should be in capital letter.
  2. Second important thing is you should mention the features of your project. That how your research work is different from others.
  3. Next comes the Literature Review.  It should include the research papers which leads you to select the stated research problem.
  4. Then the major observations from the literature review should come and also the research gaps.
  5. Next comes the need of the problem. It is very important point as your research problem can only be worth if there is a need of that.
  6. Next you must state the Problem Statement and the Objectives of your research work.
  7. Next comes the Research Methodology which was adopted by you. It includes the research settings for Data Collection, determining the useful attributes, etc.
  8. Then comes the database on which you did your experiments or testing. It can be the standard data sets available or it can be the data collected by you.
  9. Then comes the proposed algorithms with testing results.
  10. Then the tools and libraries which you had used should come.
  11. Next comes the outcomes of your study with respect to the literature review. 
  12. The very important part is then the Research contributions.
  13. Last but not the least is the Conclusion and the Future Scope of your research work.

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