To edit your WordPress website’s homepage, you first need to actually define which of your pages is the homepage.

To do this, go to your WordPress admin login > Dashboard > Settings > Reading and then define what your homepage displays as shown in Figure 1.

After clicking on the Reading menu, the following page will appear.

Here you can state that your WordPress homepage should display your latest posts, or you can define a specific page to use as your homepage.

If you select Your latest posts, your homepage will use the index.php from within your template files, and the output will show an archive of blog posts as shown in Figure 3.

Editing the blog posts will change what’s actually output to the page, but to change the homepage template itself we need to edit a file.

Go to Dashboard > Appearance > ThemeEditor and in the sidebar you can find the file you want to edit (highlighted in this case by the fact that it’s the Index.php file) as shown in Figure 4.

To edit this file, make your changes in the editor window and click Update File as shown in Figure 5. Before editing any file you should have basic knowledge of CSS.

We can have our homepage to be a static page as you can see in Figure 2.

In this case we select, from the dropdown, the page we want to act as our WordPress homepage. Editing the content of the page is as easy as going to Dashboard > Pages > your_page and changing the content as shown in Figure 6.

You can also change the template your homepage page is using. Go to Page Attributes > Template and select one of the templates in the dropdown list as shown in Figure 7.

Depending on the templates the theme author has created, this will enable you to display the homepage in different ways.

Using Your Theme’s Built-In Options to Edit Your Homepage

Some of the best WordPress themes will create a homepage design for you, so you can easily edit it. You can find these options by visiting Appearance » Customize page in your WordPress dashboard. This will launch the WordPress theme customizer with a live preview of your theme.

The Theme Customizer has different options for different themes. Your preview and the available options may look different depending on the theme you are using.

To edit any part of the homepage, simply click the blue pencil icon next to it. For instance, if I want to change the tagline which is written below the Prof Triumph. Currently it is “Learn with us” which can be seen in Figure 9.  Now I am changing it to “Learning with Passion” as you can see in Figure 10.

When you clicked on the Publish button, the tagline will be changed. In the same way you can edit the icon, Site title, and anything you want.

Create a WordPress Menu

Your WordPress theme probably isn’t automatically going to implement a clean menu. For this you need to go to Appearance > Menus.

Either select a menu to edit by choosing it from the dropdown or click on the Create a New Menu link. While your theme may include a few default menus in the sample data, creating a new menu will allow you to make one from scratch.

Regardless, once you create your menu or find the one you like, you can bring it up to alter the structure. Choose from pages, posts, categories, tags and custom post types to add to your menu. Or you can add a custom link as a menu item. 

After your menu is organized be sure to select your Display location and save. All themes have different menu locations, but the most common are usually a Main Menu and a Footer Menu which is represented in Figure 14.

Click on Save Menu after editing your menu and the things will be updated on your homepage.

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