Google forms is a free Google application that allows you to quickly create and distribute a form to gather information. Form responses are saved in a Google spreadsheet in Google drive.

Opening Google Forms

Step 1.Open Google Chrome.
Step 2.Go to
Step 3. Enter your full google email address, then click next.
Step 4. Enter your password, then click Sign in.
You will now be signed into Google Drive.
Step 5. Select New > More > Google Forms from the available menu. Choose either a Blank form or From a template.

The Template gallery General tab offers a number of form templates. Or, simply click on Blank form to start from scratch.

Editing your form

Step 1: Name the Form. Click the “Untitled Form” name in the top left corner of the screen, then enter the form’s name. Hit the “Enter” key to submit your changes. If using a template, click on the template title to change to a unique name of your choosing.

Step 2: Form description: Enter the description by clicking on that field. When using a template, you may find stock text in this field. Highlight
and delete to replace with your description.

Edit Questions

Step 1. Select “Untitled question” to enter your first question text.
Step 2. Use the dropdown to the right of the question to select the question type.
Step 3. Select each option to enter option text.
Step 4. Hit the “Enter” key to create a new option.

Note: Click the X to the right of each option to delete that option.
Note: Click the Add Other link to add an “Other” option to your list.

Add Questions

Step 1. Use the question toolbar to the right to add a new question, insert a new title and description, inset a picture, insert a video, or add a new section.
Step 2. Follow the steps above to edit the new question.

Copy/Duplicate Question

Copying a question allows you to quickly add a new question with the same format as your current question.

Delete Questions

The delete button allows you to delete the selected question and options from the list.

Required Questions

Select the “Required” button to make a question required that means which are compulsory to answer.

More Button

The (More) button allows you to shuffle the order of questions and go to a new section based on a question answer.

Form Colors/Themes

You can change the form color or theme by clicking the (Color Palate) button in the top right corner of the page.
Click the button to select a header image on a theme or upload your own.

Preview Form

Click the “Preview” button to open a new browser tab with a final view of your form. Close out of that tab to return to the “Edit Form” view to make

Advanced Form Settings

Click the Settings button to customize your form.

General Tab: Allows you to restrict users from your form, collect email addresses of users filling out your form, limit 1 response, etc.

Presentation Tab: Allows you to display a progress bar, shuffle question order, and submit another form response. You can also modify your confirmation message once a user submits a form.

Quizzes: Allows you to set this form as a quiz, set grade options, etc.

Send Form: Click the Send button to view different ways to distribute your form.

Send Via Email: You can send your form via email to recipients or send the form email to yourself, then use Outlook to forward the form link to others.

Copy Form Link: Click the “link” icon to display the Form’s URL link. Select the Shorten URL option to display a short link option.
Click the Copy link in the bottom right to copy the link.

Viewing Responses

Click the Responses tab to view user responses to your form.

Summary: Shows a pie chart percentage of responses for each question.

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