It is a collection of programs to bring computer hardware system into operation. It includes physical components of computer system.
It includes numbers, alphabets, alphanumeric symbols, identifiers, keywords, etc. It consists of electronic components like ICs, diodes, registers, crystals, boards, insulators, etc.
Software products evolve by adding new features to existing programs to support hardware. Hardware design is based on architectural decisions to make it work over a range of environmental conditions and time.
It will vary as per computer and its built-in functions and programming language. It is mostly constructed for all types of computer systems.
It is designed and developed by experienced programmers in high-level language. The hardware can understand only low-level language or machine language.
The software is categorized as operating system, utilities, language processor, application software, etc. The hardware consists of input devices, output devices, memory, etc.
It is represented in any high-level language such as BASIC, COBOL, C, C++, JAVA, etc. The hardware works only on binary codes 1’s and 0’s.


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