1. Which country hosted ISSF World Cup 2021?
  • a) China b) Croatia c) Japan d) Singapore

2. What is India rank in world Competitiveness index 2021 ?

a) 41st b) 42nd c) 45th d) 43rd

3. What is the theme for 2021 Yoga International Day ?

a) Yoga for wellness b) Yoga for All c) Power Yoga d) Daily Yoga For Fitness

4. Name the Indian environmentalist and Chipko movement leader who died recently
due to COVID-19?

a) Sunita Narain b) Vandana Shiva c) Anil Agarwal d) Sunderlal Bahuguna

5. US Forces evacuated which country on 31st August ,2021?

a) Iraq b) Afghanistan c) Iran d) Somalia

6. Which movie has won the Best Film award at BAFTA 2021?

a) Stardust b) Nomad land c) Air Bender d) None of these

7. ‘French Moro Grand Prix 2021’won by whom?

a) Jack Miller b) Johann Zarco c) Fabio Quartararo d) Joan Mir

8. ‘Which Digestive Health Day’ observed on which date in 2021?

a) May 28 b) May 29 c) May 30 d) May 27

9. ‘National Technology Day’ 2021 observed on which date?

a) May 12 b) May 11 c) May 13 d) May 14

10. Which is worlds 1st Artificial intelligence Ship?

a) Mayflower 400 b) Flower May 400 c) May flower 800 d) May flower 500

11. On which date the ‘World Athletics Day 2021’ observed?

a) 5 May 2021 b) 8 May 2021 c) 12 May 2021 d) 10 May 2021

12. FIFA Under-17 Women’s World Cup 2022 will be played in which country?

a) India b) Japan c) China d) Brazil

13. Which organization has released the ‘Global Forest Goal Report 2021’?

a) World Bank b) FAO c) UN ECOSOC d) WWF

14. Who became the first Australian woman in 41 years to win a singles title at the All England Club?

a) Ashleigh Barty b) Novak Djokovic c) Neal Skupski d) Rene Lacoste

15. My Village-Corona Free- Campaign launched in which state of India?

a) Maharashtra b) Delhi c) Gujarat d) Uttrakhand

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