• To begin creating your Analytics account, first log in to your AdWords account.
  • (https://adwords.google.com) and click on the Analytics tab and Then click on the Continue button to enter your website information.
Google Analytics
  • Choose your site from the drop-down menu in the middle of the page
  • Choose the site you wish to track
  • Click the box underneath to enable the connection between your AdWords campaign and Analytics.
  • Click Link Account to begin setting up your profile for reporting

This is how your account will look after creating your account in AdWords.

Once you’ve added the Analytics code to your website, the pink box at the top with the tracking warning will disappear.

Configure Your Profile

It's important to configure your profile in order to get the most out of your reports, so please don’t skip this step in the process. When you get to this page, click on the Edit button next to the site you want to configure.

Under the Profile Settings header, click Edit again and fill in your information.

  • Enter your Profile Name
  • Enter your Website URL
  • In the Default page field, enter your homepage URL.
  • Setting this to your homepage, or index, of your site allows Google Analytics to reconcile log entries for www.yoursite.com and www.yoursite.com/index, for example. These are in fact the same page, but are reported as two distinct pages until the Default page setting has been configured.

If you have a shopping cart on your site, or offer shopping to your visitors, you’ll want to enable e-commerce for Analytics. To enable e-commerce reporting and the E-Commerce Analysis report set, select Yes. There will be more details about e-commerce later on in the guide.

At this point, click Save Changes to continue configuring your profile as shown in Figure below.

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