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MS Word

Basics: Creating new document, Opening, saving and closing an existing document, renaming and deleting files

Using styles and templates: Introduction to templates and styles applying, modifying and creating new (custom) styles

Working with text: select, cut, copy, paste, find and replace, inserting special characters, setting tab stops and indents, Checking spelling and Grammar, Autocorrect, Using built-in language tools, word completion, Autotext

Formatting text: Using Styles, formatting paragraphs, formatting characters, autoformatting, creating lists

Formatting pages: Using layout methods, creating headers and footers, Numbering pages, Changing page margins, Adding comments to a document

Other useful things: Creating a table of contents, Creating indexes and bibliographies, Printing a document

MS Excel

Introduction to Spreadsheets: Sheets and cells, Opening and saving spreadsheet files;

Working with sheets: inserting new sheet, deleting and renaming sheets

Viewing a spreadsheet: freezing rows and columns, splitting screen

Entering data: cell referencing, formatting cells, entering numbers, entering numbers as text, entering formulae, entering date and time, deactivating automatic changes

Speeding up data entry: using fill tool, fill series, defining fill series, Validating cell contents

Formatting data: formatting text, numbers, cells, Autoformatting cells and sheets, defining new autoformat, Using conditional formatting, Hiding and showing data, Sorting records

Printing a spreadsheet document: using print ranges, page formats, inserting page breaks, headers and footers

Working with Graphs and Charts : Creating Charts, formatting chart, Changing chart types, adding Titles, Legends and Gridlines, Printing Charts

MS PowerPoint

Introduction of PowerPoint: Features of PowerPoint, Elements of PowerPoint

Working with slides: Starting a new presentation, Adding title, Adding new slides, deleting slide, Adding text and other objects

Formatting Slides: Changing font size, color and styles,  adding bullets and numbers, alignment of text, slide layouts

Other Useful Settings:  Setting Header and Footer, Inserting charts, Inserting tables, inserting pictures, inserting sounds and video

Other Important Things: Custom Animation, setting timings on slides, slideshow view, recording sounds on slides, making video from presentation

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