To calculate domain age just open your browser and write calculate domain age and press enter. The result is as follows:

Click on the encircled link in Figure 1. It is one of the best websites to calculate the domain age of any website. Scroll down a little on this new page and you will find an Input box. Here you have to write the URL of the website you want to check as shown below.

After writing the domain name, click on Check Domain Age Button. After that you can have the result as follows:

The result will show you what is the age of your website, when the domain was created and what is the expiration date of your domain.

When you click on the ‘+’ sign given with your domain name you will find some additional details about the server of your website, IP Address of your domain, and some more useful things.

How to find Alexa rank?

To find the rank of your website, just type Alexa rank checker on the browser. The result of your search will be as follows:

Just click on the first link which is the website by Alexa to find the rank of your website and many other things. When you click on the above link the following screen will come.

Type the website name in the input box and click on Run Analysis. Here we are checking the rank of 

Figure 6 shows you the rank given by Alexa of YouTube which is very popular site. It also gives you insights of your website in which you know about the traffic on your website from various sources, similar sites visited by users and many other useful things as shown in Figure 7.

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